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Lender had an equity release through their parent with another mortgage lender. However, they now wanted to take back full ownership of the property, so it could be passed on, and wanted to purchase the remainder of the property equity from legal and general.

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Lender looking to buy a £650000 home with a combined income of £69000. I’ve accepted an offer on my home and am ready to buy. I am selling my home for £800,000. I have £80000 left to pay on my current mortgage. Despite having a good steady job as a GP, with good annual income, there were some Doctor & was on what seemed like a high annual income

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Junior doctor was exercising right to buy on a local authority property they had occupied for 20 years. (Value – size of loan etc?)

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All of the details in the case studies section, have been taken from real world requests from borrowers for assistance from Mortgage Lolly, however the personal details and some of the specifics relating to the cases in question have been removed to anonymise the identities of the clients.

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