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Here at Mortgage Lolly, we have over two decades of experience in dealing with a huge range of complex financial and personal issues that create adverse credit issues, than often result in being turned down for Mortgages by traditional high street lenders.

Whilst obtaining a mortgage might seem like an impossible barrier to climb if you have bad credit, here at Mortgage Lolly, with over 25 years experience dealing with all the criteria, and the specific lenders to approach – we can help you secure the mortgage products you require.


Main Causes of Poor Credit Score

Incomplete Address History
if you have moved around a lot over the years, and don’t have a complete record of all of your addresses, this can make it difficult to obtain credit of all kinds. This can be further complicated by periods out of the country. Mortgage Lolly are experienced in working with clients
Late Payments
Late payments will adversely affect your score – reducing willingness of lenders to offer a mortgage solution.
Short or non-existent Credit History
those with a very short or zero credit history will find it more difficult to obtain credit of any kind, and especially large loans like a mortgage. We can advise you on how to build up a credit history in order to overcome this.
Generally higher deposits will assist in this, and there is a process called manual underwriting that can help facilitate a loan

Defaults can be a leading cause of being unable to obtain credit as it makes you high risk to lenders, but it is not impossible to overcome with the right strategy put in place.

Those living overseas are often rejected out of hand by the main high-street lenders, however here at Mortgage Lolly, we are highly experienced in working in this area, and have a network of lenders who specalise in providing mortgage solutions for expat clients.
County Court Judgements (CCJs)
In the past a CCJ’s for unpaid debts, even if settled, would have been a no-no for almost all lenders. However, there are now more lenders willing to facilitate mortgages for lenders with CCJ’s, provided you have a reasonable deposit, and a CCJ is more than 3 years old.
More recent, or multiple CCJ’s are more challenging.
Debt Management Plans (DMPs)
If you’ve entered in to a DMP to get control of your debt repayments, you can still obtain a mortgage. A lot will depend on whether you’re keeping up with your payments and the initial type of credit it was related to. This will often mean lower multiples than those with clean credit files.
Individual Voluntary Agreements
IVA’s – These are usually considered more of a barrier than a DMP, as they are a vehicle used for people with longer term problems with debt management.
Many lenders are surprised to realise, that if your bankruptcy has been discharged for 12 months or more, there are many lenders now who will consider post bankruptcy lending options – and we can show you how!
Short credit history
lenders don’t want to lend to clients with a short or non-existent credit history.

Here at Mortgage Lolly we specialise in finding solutions for difficult or unusual cases, for clients who in many cases have already been rejected by high-street lenders.

Talk to us today about your issues, and we will discuss what mortgage and protection solutions can be put in place to meet your needs.

What can you do to improve your chances.

Obtain your credit file
We can advise you on this, but most lenders source reports from 3 main credit agencies, Experian, Equifax, or Transunion. Download your report, and check everything is up to date, and look to resolve any issues with the credit file company directly if there are errors.

Use information there to settle debts with any lenders that you were not already aware of

Optimise your credit score
Over 6-12 months before application for a mortgage, or longer, try to settle as many outstanding accounts as possible, and/or come to arrangements with as many as you can, either directly, or through Debt Support Agencies such as Stepchange. All lenders look more favourably on borrowers who are trying to get their financial affairs in order.

Make sure you’re registered on the electoral roll.

Raise As much Deposit as you Can, in general terms, the most money you have raised in advance, the lower risk you become, and the more lenient a lender is likely to be.

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