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Equity Release

Why Look At Equity Release?

The world of borrowing has changed dramatically and there are now an increasing range of products available for those approaching or already past retirement age who either want to secure a mortgage on a property, or to release money on existing property.

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* Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and can affect your eligibility for means tested benefits.

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Who is Involved in The Process?

Typically an equity release arrangement will require the participation of four principal stakeholders.
These are companies who develop equity release plans for the marketplace, and entire into agreements with homeowners. They process and underwrite your applications, and it’s their internal criteria you have to meet before they issue the funds to your solicitor.
These are usually, but not always appointed by the provider of your plan, and they are responsible for notifying you of any required changes to payment, processing further releases of equity and issuing annual financial statements.
Equity release is a regulated product that is only available on an advised basis. A specific qualification is required so that you are given sound advice for your specific set of circumstances and draw up an individual recommendation based on those.
This is the party that initiates the process with the homeowner, and brokers the deal between themselves and the providers, and oversees the process. This in either an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), or a Mortgage Broker such as Mortgage Lolly.
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What Will Equity Release Do For You?

Debt Repayment
Home Improvements
Divorce Settlement
Pay Off Interest Only Mortgage
Lifestyle Choices
Home Improvements
Increased Disposable Income
Holiday, Cars, Luxuries
Gifts to Family
Home Improvements


Pay off debts

Family Gifts

Clear Outstanding Mortgage

Help With Bills

Silver Splicers And Separators

At mortgage Lolly, we come across more and more what have been termed ‘’silver separators’ and ‘silver splicers’ that is people past retirement age, who are splitting from long term partners, and in some cases going into a new partnership. This causes changes to mortgage and other credit arrangements, and can create the need to release equity for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason, Equity release is a tool that can help to facilitate the changes in your relationship status.

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Types of Mortgage
Lifetime Mortgage - 55 and Over
Home Reversion Plan
With a lifetime mortgage – the homeowner usually takes out a loan that will ‘roll-up’ with compound interest at the end of term.
In a home reversion plan – the provider, buys a proportion or all of the property.
Equity Retention
Future Uncertainty
Loss of Growth
Limited Equity
Loss of Value
Risk of a Poor Deal
Hybrid Mortgage
there are other customised products available, allowing borrowers to switch from an interest only to a roll up basis during the mortgage term – contact us to find out more
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Equity Release

Warren is an excellent mortgage advisor who is determined to get you the best deal. Very professional and knowledgeable person. As a first time buyer I’ve really appreciated Warren’s explanations of the process and I’ve felt supported throughout. 5 stars!

Joanna Gniazdowska
Equity Release

Great communication with clear advice and support from Warren regarding my mortgage application. I would highly recommend his service.

Alexander Manson
Equity Release

Warren was great to work with. He was clear and thorough at all points in my mortgage application process, and contributed to the success of my property purchase.

Sophie Garrett